Am I a Vinyl Record Guy Now?

I recently purchased a record player and five vinyl records. This is my first time purchasing either item. I even made a list (shock of shocks!) of twenty or so records I want to eventually get. Have I become a vinyl collector now? Well, yes and no. Don't expect me to have a wall full of cherished limited edition records in protective covers, rant about the state of rock , or wax eloquently about a high fidelity sound while sipping a fine liquor. Wait...maybe I have purchased some cheap plastic protective sleeves but don't expect the rest of that suff. If you allow me a bit of a pretentious philosophical comment on my shift: I do think it has to do with getting in touch more with what it means to be a human. So what's happening? I admit to illegally downloading some songs from Napster in my youth. Who among us when given the chance to download a bootleg version of Tim McGraw's "Leader of the Band"  cover wouldn't reconsider their personal ethics? While I w

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