Part-Time Review: The Equalizer 3 (2023)

This entry is a bit of a bewildering choice to me. By the time you come to a third entry in an action franchise you expect the film to be a ramped-up parody of the best features people enjoyed from the predecessors. Director Antoine Fuqua and writer Richard Wenk decide to go in the opposite direction here – choosing to provide a slow and artsy film that owes more to American Westerns than American action films. That's not inherently a negative, but it does feel like a disappointing bait and switch to me as there’s very little action here and what we do get is nearly quick on the physicality and drawn out on the drama. It’s well over an hour into the film before Denzel confronts our villains here and even then, there’s really no kinetic back and forth.  That doesn’t mean the basic tropes aren’t here, just that this is largely a stand-alone film that plays out a bit more like a franchise starter than a third entry with an established franchise formula. With a bit of tweaking, this co

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