Action Guide: Best of All-Time

I love movies and there will always be a special place in my heart for action movies. After seeing 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the theater I was kicking, punching, and taking out bad guys before I could leave the parking lot. Since then, I've been keeping track of, commentating, and ranking action sequences. My database currently has over 4,100 sequences in it. Starting in the year 2020 I began in earnest to map out a plan for putting together a comprehensive guide to the best action sequences of all-time. I knew to put together a competent list would require beginning very small - watching, rating, and commentating first on individual action stars and franchises. and then using those lists to inform the bigger lists. 

After hitting a critical mass of stars and franchises, my next task was to organize all of the action into categories and determine the "Essential" action sequences for it. Those lists would go on to inform the overall "Best Action Scenes of All-Time" list - the reason I began the quest. Below you can find links to the individual stars and franchise lists I first created, the essential action scene lists, and the overall list. My hope is that you read these lists as a description of the characters and sequences that have brought me a lot of awe and joy as well as an invitation for you to enjoy them as well.