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I began doing my own film awards with a small group of friends way back in 2004 and have kept up (mostly) ever since. I create and share my movie awards, like all of my movie lists, with three three basic goals in mind. One, the act of creating the awards forces me to think deeply about the films I've watched and reflect on their truth, beauty, and goodness. Second, I hope they encourage the reader to watch particular films in hope they can also experience it. Third, I hope they invite a dialogue that can encourage deeper understanding. The format is different than something like the Academy Awards with different categories, awards, and rules that better fit how I enjoy the process.

For some of the years I have linked the graphic and commentary filled PDF's that I used back when I first got started. Most of the awards, however, take a "running list" mentality. Once I feel I have hit a critical mass with a given year I will post them, mention what I haven't seen, and then update them as I (re)watch more films over time. You can see the last time I've updated it at the top of each page.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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  1. Hey Mr.Leaman. This is Jackson Carter. I love this website. You should post the video of how to block a knife attack. See you tomorrow!

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    1. Hopefully - whenever I get the WWII project done. Had to make a choice on which to pursue earlier this year. Thanks for thinking of it!

  3. dude rate django unchained as the best movie ever or im gonna unsubscribe, unfollow, and block on youtube and twitter. hope you change it or your subscriber count is gonna go down. tick tock.


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