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Hey part-timers, it's the Part-Time Critic with another confident, but lightly held ranking for you. I was introduced to Community about a year and a half ago and alongside of Star Trek episodes, it became my favorite reason to take a study break during graduate school. Since Community was officially cancelled by NBC it seems appropriate to finalize and publish my rankings. I call it a "confident, but lightly held" ranking because I'm confident this ranking reflects how I currently feel about my favorite Community episodes, but it's lightly held because as I re-watch episodes in the future I reserve the right to change my view.

Do you want to be streets ahead in knowing the best episodes of Community? Then use the links below to view my rankings of each season  with pictures and commentary. For a full ranking of every season and all 97 episodes check out the "Overall" link. 

Appropriate Background Music while You Read:
- "Roxanne" by the Police on a repeat
- Anything by Abba on a loop
- "Come Sail Away" by Styx in honor of Troy
- "Don't You Forget About Me" or anything else featured in a Brat Pack movie

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