Trip Report: Blue Springs State Park Part 2

I have long admired the format of a trip report blog, but have been using Facebook as the destination for all of my trip pictures. The problem is that Facebook doesn't allow anyone outside of my friends to find my pictures. It is a small goal of mine to increase traffic to this webpage and putting my photos on this blog is a decent step in that direction. The format of these trip reports are a work in progress, so any feedback and insight will be much appreciated!

Blue Springs State Park
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After canoeing, we decided to enjoy the nature boardwalk and historical elements of the park
After the Civil War, this park site became a popular center of steamboat activity
This is the home of the original owners and developers of this land: the Thursby house. You can still walk through it
Standing on the spacious front porch
Would have enjoyed relaxing in these rockers if it wasn't for the dirt dobber nests all over the porch
Inside the house was the cross-section of an old tree from this area
A closer view. This tree is older than the landing of the pilgrims!
Back on the nature boardwalk
A sign informs guests of the various fish in the spring
There were a couple nice lookout areas to view the fish in the crystal clear springs
The sign said there were different fish, but all we saw were tons of gar fish!
Looking sharp!
Back on the boardwalk
There were a couple of different entrances for swimming and tubing
The stairs conveniently allow you to just walk down into the cool 72 degree springs
From here you could float towards the spring head
Floating towards the springs underneath the towering trees
Almost to the spring head
Arriving at the head of the spring
A closer look. You can see snorkelers enjoying the awesome views
Enjoying the springs with my wonderful mother!
After a short swim it was time for lunch!
Enjoying an awesome spread of food underneath beautiful oak trees
Time to burn off a few calories
Excellent frisbee form!
Excellent sleeping form!
Time for smores! To save time we just used buffet burners
Smores can be enjoyed by one... two...
...and by three!
That's it for this trip report. Thanks for following along. Check back in the future for more trip reports!