Cedar Point Opening Day

As the weather heats up around the country, regional theme parks are beginning to open their doors for the season. This past weekend it was Cedar Point's turn to open for the 2014 season. There is no amusement park in the world like Cedar Point. At 16 coasters, it may not have the highest quantity of coasters (that honor belongs to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA), but it does have the highest quality and the best assortment of coasters. This is no "theme park" where the magic is in the immersion of story, place, and ride; this is an amusement park where the magic is in the assortment and quality of rides. With that distinction noted, Cedar Point is without a doubt the greatest amusement park in the world.

There is no new coaster debuting this year at Cedar Point, but they did add a couple of new flat rides and spent some money re-making the midway around the wooden/steel hybrid coaster Gemini. Last year they debuted the great wing coaster "The Gatekeeper" along with a complete re-make of the front entrance; so this year and probably next year is just about small additions and makeovers.

Check out the video below, courtesy f the Coaster Crew, of Cedar Point's opening day. Watch to the end to see Cedar Point lit up at night. I look forward to visiting again in a few years. My wish is that in five years they will have torn down Mean Streak and added the greatest Gravity Group wooden coaster of all-time. A world-class wooden coaster is really the only glaring need on the island of rides.