Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Top Ten Wheaton College Pics - Part One


As I wrap-up my time here on the campus of Wheaton College I thought I would post a couple quick top tens. I arrived at the campus of Wheaton College, situated in the suburbs of Chicago, in August of 2012 and immediately starting taking pictures to capture the experience. It has been a blast these past two years living in a city that gets to see all four seasons. I have been truly blessed to get to experience my graduate schooling at such a beautiful and historic Christian college campus. This post and the next one will each be a collection of photos that I personally took during my time here at Wheaton College. This first post will be my ten favorite pictures of the Wheaton campus and the second part will be my ten favorite pictures of the experience of being a graduate student. For structure I've ranked the pictures, but don't take the rankings too seriously; I certainly didn't. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Just Missed
January 2013 - Blanchard Hall

January 2013 - Memorial Student Center & Williston Hall

October 2013 - Blanchard Hall

September 2012 - Blanchard Hall

May 2013 - McManis-Evans Hall

October 2013 - Blanchard Hall

January 2013 - Looking toward Williston Hall and Student Memorial Center

October 2012 - Blanchard Hall Green

October 2013 - Blanchard Hall Green

November 2013 - Blanchard Hall

January 2013 - Blanchard Hall


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