"The Belushi Manburger" by Jack Straws

One of the great perks of living near a college campus is that there is always some kind of quirky dive or restaurant willing to sell any college male with a self-destructive streak an extreme dining experience that is designed to test the limits of God's grandly designed digestive system.  Guthrie's chicken finger box (or Gutbox as the locals like to call it) at Florida State University is a great example. Just a few blocks away from the Wheaton College campus and a few blocks from downtown Wheaton just happens to be one of those places called Jack Straws. They have a variety of crazy items on the menu, but of particular note are their selection of cheese steaks named after famous Chicago mobsters and their manburgers. I have eaten and survived "The Belushi" (named after John Belushi who grew up in Wheaton), a burger with two large beef patties, two slices of american cheese, several strips of bacon, gyro meat, and a fried egg. It's big, it's greasy, it's a manburger! I thought I would share with you the awesomeness that is, "The Belushi"!

It tastes better than it looks!

Is there really a manburger named after Ted Bundy?

A view of the cheese steak mafia

Every college town (and probably most towns) have some kind of food ode to self-destruction, do you have a favorite in your town? Finally, I will end this talk of self-destruction food with a perfectly played scene (and one that strikes close to my heart) from Parks and Recreation, "The Meat Tornado"