My Easter Morning Thought Process

I had a lot of strange and crazy thoughts this morning as I prepared for and celebrated Easter. I thought it might be interesting to share a collection of some of the oddest ones I had today. Remember though, they were just thoughts, and just cause I thought it, doesn't mean I endorse it!  

Preparing For Easter Service
[shortly after waking up]

... "It's nice this year not having to deliver Sunday morning papers till 3am, then get up at 7am to begin setting up the church" [I was a minister this time last year]

... "On the 3rd day, Jesus rose from the grave…because he surely didn't want to miss how nicely dressed everyone was going to be at Easter services...that's really not that funny a thought, and it's pretty snarky too...I bet people put a lot of effort into picking their clothes for today...If you spend more time thinking about what clothes you are going to where today than you do actually pondering the reason we celebrate Easter, something is amiss...I think I should post about this to Facebook or Twitter this morning, I think I should mention this to others as well"

..."I don't have any pastel colored clothes, will it be okay to wear brown and white?"
..."I want to wear something formal, but nothing too uncomfortable, I am going to lunch and a movie afterwards"
I ended up having my first smash burger for lunch - It was pretty awesome

[going to Facebook so I can update my status about spending time on clothes]
..."You know, I think I've actually thought more about my clothes this morning than I have about Christ's resurrection. Perhaps I shouldn't post this status after all...I'm kind of a hypocrite about this aren't I?"

..."I really like all the Facebook updates for Easter. So many people posting great statuses about Easter and Christ. This is really encouraging. It shows a lot of unity. I wonder, is this what it felt like for supporters of gay marriage when everyone began changing their profile pic to that equal sign?...I wonder if people who kinda jumped on the marriage equality profile pic bandwagon are now asking themselves, 'How long do I have to keep this up to get credit?'"

..."[I found my thoughts returning to previous Easter moments] I think I really miss spending Easter with my family this year"
During Easter Service
I attended Wheaton Bible Church, a somewhat mega-church with something like 3000 members. It's a long walk from where I parked!

..."[seeing all the volunteer parking attendants, greeters, and ushers] I am so glad I didn't have to organize all of this!"

..."I think I should blog about my thoughts this morning, it's crazy how contradictory they are, like the clothes thing. People will find that funny and interesting"

..."[thinking about my family at Mosaic Church] Even though I had to get up real early, work real hard, and organize a lot, I actually think I miss it. I feel a bit like just being a spectator here. In Tallahassee, I was part of something. I really miss it now"

..."I want to get in touch with those relationships that I haven't really kept in good contact with. If Christ can redeem us and cross the great gulf, then Easter would be a good time for me to try and bring some redemption into lapsed friendships"

..."[the band plays 'Marvelous Light'] Will they sing the 'Lift my hands and spin around' part? No one here is clapping and getting into the song, I bet it will be awkward during that part...[the part comes and the lyrics were changed to 'I lift my hands and sing aloud']...what? They took out spin around?...[they sing, 'sin has lost its power, death has lost its sting']...sin may have lost its power and death its sting, but clearly we are all still under the power of self-consciousness, why isn't anyone clapping? Why am I not clapping? Does my swaying back and forth count as being into it?"

..."[someone's phone rings nearby playing One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'I wonder how many people will hear that and be singing it in their heads for the rest of the service?"

..."[a well made testimony video is shown] This isn't a show or performance, but it's so slickly made and efficient that it feels inauthentic to me. Politicians and corporations put out material this well made and pitched this well. I know their hearts are right and I don't mean to criticize, but this feels all designed"

..."[we sing Matt Maher's 'Christ is Risen] I bet church's all over the country are playing this song right now. Oh, I should post this status later on, it might be funny 'The real winner of Easter - Matt Maher'...wait...that isn't as funny as I thought and it actually doesn't sound right...perhaps I won't post that at, I'll put it in my thoughts blog, that way I can include it without it having to be funny. It will be so meta if I do that!"

..."everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you...but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell...DANGIT, now I'm singing it!"

..."[during the main sermon] Wow, there are a lot of people using their phones for the Bible now. There are two people right in front of me using the Bible know, if I didn't bring my Bible and I found myself trying to look over someone's shoulder to read their Bible app I'd feel like much more of a creeper than if they had a regular Bible"

..."I need to make sure I capture this Easter moment with my new Wheaton would also be a good way to remember what I dressed up in!"

..."[I found my thoughts returning to previous Easter moments] I've come a long way since I wore shorts, a T-shirt, and a ball cap to my first Easter service as a committed Christian back in 2002 at Believers Church in Tallahassee. I'll never forget feeling awkward seeing everyone dressed up. I'll also never forget Justin Boyd [my friend and someone I really looked up to] coming up to me and saying 'Hey man, if I didn't have to be on stage, I'd be in jean shorts and a shirt just like you'. That sure was nice of him"

..."[by the end I realized I should just give in] ...if only you saw what I could see, you'd understand why I need you so desperately..."