The Changiest of Times! A Preview of Things to Come...

2012 can easily be called one of the changiest times of my's easier to make up a word like 'changiest' than it is to really describe all the different changes I have already had to make, or will be making in the next couple of months. For those not following along, I'll be leaving Tallahassee (a place I've lived for the last ten years, as well as resigning from Mosaic International Church (a place I've worked at for the last five years), to pursue a Master's Degree at Wheaton College. Also, I've decided to make a few other changes...but I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit there.

I took a break from writing on my 'Part-Time Critic' blog some years ago now, not knowing when I would feel inclined to begin again. My primary reason for stepping back was a honest feeling that God was calling me to step away from the time and thought consumption that film and writing was for me, and use that time in further developing my spiritual character and discipline. Over the last few months I've felt the desire to begin blogging again, though not just in the domain of film. I'm not quite sure the direction it will take, but more than likely it will be an outlet to share and comment not only upon film or current topics, but on my new experience in life as well.

Moving to the Chicago area and going back to school is going to be such an incredibly new and adaptive experience for me that I am excited to begin sharing much of the experience through this outlet. I also would like to open the blog up to many of the spiritual struggles, triumphs, and thoughts that have come to define my life in an increasing way. I'd love to share this aspect of my life, as well as hear feedback from friends that I will now be hundreds of miles apart from. 

I've got a couple of weeks left here in Tallahassee until I head home to spend time with my family before moving to Wheaton. Over the next few weeks, expect to see a series of posts that will help me to grab a hold of the last ten years here in Tallahassee. One could say these posts will be therapeutic, since they will reach down and tap into a primal aspect of my character: LISTS! How can you best understand a decade of your life unless you coldly pick it apart, list it, and rank it? Am I right?.....Anyone else......anyone?

So, expect a series of meaningful and trivial (mostly trivial) posts of listings from the world of music, film, Television, Tallahassee, and more. Seriously, I've already finished my top 100 Beatles songs (which is preparation for my top 100 Songs of All-Time), my top ten Favorite Cities, and many more. I'll give you a little hint with the cities list, Atlanta doesn't rank very high against Paris and New York.

One warning for those who dare venture to read my random musings over the next few weeks: one of my biggest writing faults is editing and proofreading. Sometimes I won't write anything because I don't want to go through the hassle of editing it for structure, grammar, etc. I'm lazy, that's something I'm trying to change. However, in order to get back into the habit of writing, I'm just going to WRITE. That means the output will be much more stream of thought (yes, I know I have always written that way) than usual, and might contain a lot of mistakes. You've been warned.

I hope you enjoy the next few weeks of therapy, and hopefully you'll be seeing blogs from me about Chicago, Wheaton, Grad school, and my life. Until then, you can enjoy my completely too-long and 'more in-depth than you desire' essay on Jackie Chan's recent announcement retirement at Scott Mendelson's blog.


  1. I really hope that when we manage to make it "home" at some point, you'll be in Chicago and not going to your home. haha!

    We miss you lots, Kyle!


  2. I hope so too! You can show me around your hometown...or you can come visit in the big city and we'll....well...we'll do stuff that doesn't cost much money!

  3. Looking forward to reading more from you, Kyle. And I knew you'd come back t blogging--I never deleted you from my blog-roll! :)


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