Up in the Air Review - Sort of

Overall Grade: B

Due to a complete lack of time (and subsequent sleep) I'm not able to do a traditional review of the film. So, to fill in I thought I'd just give you the bullet points of what my review would've been anyways. Feel free to comment.

- George Clooney gives a great and nuanced performance, even if it could be said that he is just 'playing' George Clooney. Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick give great performances as well.

- The film is very enjoyable to watch and plays out very well. It looks good and is superbly edited.

- I've always personally enjoyed flying and 'hotel' culture. It is a bit fun as a vicarious fantasy to live out what that would be like.

- There is a decent message about our connections with others being the best parts of our lives, in the end meaning the most to us.

- There is also a nasty and cruel existential listless to the universe of Up in the Air that undercuts the 'sentimental' family and spouse message mentioned earlier.

- The existential underpinnings of the film reveal the film's ultimate message, life is limbo. Our job (like Clooney's in firing people) is to make limbo livable. To do so, we should be alone, together, or whatever gets us by.

- The desire for an honest existentialism should be commended though in that it's careful to not over-romantice Clooney's solitude or Clooney's future in marriage, but show that both directions will hurt you and let you down. There's ultimately no point, no purpose, and no destination. Like Clooney's 'miles', our lives are just a meaningless in the end.

- Most film critics COMPLETELY miss this undercurrent of nasty hopelessness, many claiming it's a heartwarming tale full of humanity (which comprises a small part of it).

- The film has practically nothing to offer as a critique of our economic times, most critics have no idea what they are saying when they claim this.

- George Clooney looks pimp in a suit.

- Despite the nasty existentialistic worldview, I still enjoyed the movie and was able to glean some interesting insights.

- It's a worth a watch, if not for George Clooney being George Clooney...and looking pimp in a suit.