Monsters vs. Aliens Review

Overall Grade: C

Unless you’re really aching to see something animated or animated in 3-D, then I suggest you skip Monsters vs. Aliens. It’s not that there is anything wrong or bad about the film, it’s just that it doesn’t get anything really right either. The film is built to be a mediocre crowd pleaser with silly characters (all lacking any back story outside of their personalities), mild action, and a plot so thin that the film title aptly sums it up. Monsters vs. Aliens is one of those theme park 3-D films, except they took away the moving car and stretched the film to 80 minutes.

When it comes to the 3-D in this film. I really think it’s an overall distraction. There are a couple moments where I enjoyed it, but by and large I forgot the film was even in 3-D and just remembered that I was wearing a pair of uncomfortable glasses that darkens the film unnecessarily. I’ve seen several films in the 3-D format now and I think this whole “step forward” is really over hyped.

I’m not going to give up on the format yet though, not until James Cameron’s Avatar comes out. That will be THE make or break film for 3-D. If it doesn’t work there, I’ll never pay another up charge at the theatre for 3-D again. For Monsters vs. Aliens, don’t wait for the 3-D, if your going to watch it then the regular screen is probably just fine.

Overall, this film isn’t much to get worked up about. It’s a semi-entertaining distraction, but doesn’t really achieve anything beyond a few chuckles and some decent action. I’d go see Coraline again or just hold out for Up next month.