Vicky Cristina Barcelona Mini-Review

Overall Grade: C+

Recently caught a showing of Woody Allen's 2008 endeavor Vicky Cristina Barcelona at the dollar theatre and thought I'd just share my thoughts on the film. I think it can be said of the film that it really is an interesting watch, filled with good performances, and some gorgeous shots (of the city and of our leads). Javier Bardem and Rebecca Hall do some great acting here, but I must admit that I don't really get the buzz about Penelope Cruz's performance. It's also sad to note that Scarlett Johanson nearly fades into the background of every scene she's in, perhaps hinting to his audience that like Bardem's character, Woody Allen is fine with moving on with different ladies.

The film does attempt to be a meditation and character study about love and what love really looks like (different perspectives are embodied by our different characters), but for all its sincerity it doesn't really say much. Its never boring, but the emphasis that Allen places on acting upon our lusts and desires sure makes it blend in to a million other films that I have seen on this subject. Not helping the film either is that it's advertised as a comedy, but there are very few laughs to be found at all. Since this is a mini-review I won't say much more but I'll leave you with a link to a review by Christianity Today's Jeffrey Overstreet that sums up my take on the film really well.

Jeffrey Overstreet's Vicky Cristina Barcelona review