Trip Report: Cocoa Beach Part 2

I have long admired the format of a trip report blog, but I have been using Facebook as the destination for all of my trip pictures. Facebook has been a nice, but it doesn't really allow anyone outside of my friends to find them. It is a small goal of mine to increase traffic to this webpage and putting my photos on this blog is a decent step in that direction. The format of these trip reports are a work in progress, so any feedback and insight will be much appreciated!

A Morning in Cocoa Beach, Florida - Part 2
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As secluded as I was, it only took about 20 minutes for more people to show up. It wouldn't be Cocoa Beach if there wasn't people selling surf lessons.

A few kids nearby were being given surf lessons.

Getting up on a surf board is not an easy task, but this kid makes it look pretty easy. His instructor was stoked. Are there any more laid back and encouraging people than surf instructors?

It only took me about an hour and a half before I was ready to head out. Before leaving I decided to check out the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop. Eventually, I'd like to make it out to Key West in the near future.

Ron Jon Surf Shop originally opened on the Jersey Shore, but the owner built the Cocoa Beach Ron Jon in 1963 and made it his flagship store. It's one of the more popular surf shops in the world. It's worth a visit.

The entrance to the shop has an awesome statue of local legend Kelly Slater surfing up a wave.

"Kelly Slater is considered to be the greatest surfer of all time." He's from COCOA BEACH!!!

Another look at the Kelly Slater statue

Walking into the shop. It was nice to get a full blast of air conditioning walking in.

There is a lot of items to buy at this surf shop. You can actually find some good deals on towels, sandals, and t-shirts here. The store is open 24 hours a day and is fun to just browse and enjoy the it's massive amount of items on display.

I made a quick visit to Ron Jon's biggest competitor Cocoa Beach Surf Company. They have a massive store as well. That being said, it doesn't have the history or the draw that Ron Jon's does.

One thing they do have that Ron Jon's doesn't is a tank with little sharks in it! 

That's it for this trip report part-time readers. Thank you for reading this far. Cocoa Beach doesn't have the ultra-white sand or the emerald waters of Florida's panhandle beaches, but they do have great waves, cool waters, and a great atmosphere. If you are in the area, make sure to give it a visit.

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