The Part-Time Top Ten: Things To Do At FSU

I am an admitted 'home-body', so why anyone would take seriously a 'Things To Do' list from me is quite suspect. However, over the last ten years as student at FSU or as a minister to the campus, I've been able to accumulate at least ten FSU experiences that I would feel comfortable putting on a list. I compiled them here and provided some commentary for you as part of how I deal with saying goodbye to the place I've called home the last ten years. As you peruse the list below I just want you to keep in mind that I'm not a wild socialite nor a dare devil, so you won't find things like 'playing pranks on freshman' or 'streaking on Landis Green'. My list will reads a bit more like a visitor's guide, but I guess that's what makes it my list. I hope you enjoy.

10. Getting Thrown in Wescott Fountain
A one time experience that all true Florida State Seminoles must engage in before gaining their degree. If you were never thrown into the fountain, find your friends and stare angrily at them. The only close friend I know of that didn't get thrown into Wescott was Peter Chan. We withheld throwing him in because he threatened serious bodily harm if we did. I've never seen Peter so serious about something. It was clear he would hurt us...badly. This is the only excuse that works, otherwise, your friends failed you.

9. The FSU Circus
I stayed away from the FSU Circus for nine years because I thought it was impossible for students to put on a show worth paying money for. I was wrong. Very wrong. The show I attended earlier this year was worth every penny. Although the show was sans animals (I wasn't disappointed), they do pretty much everything else you would expect in a circus. The fact that it's college students makes every feat and skill all the more exciting and awe-inspiring. Don't miss out on it.

8. Live On Campus
For two years I lived right in the middle of FSU's campus. I was a five minute walk away from Leach Center and Doak Campbell Stadium. Across the street was the Student Life Building. All of my classes were pretty much within a fifteen minute walk. No driving and no parking needed. Beautiful.
(The Chi Alpha House that became known as 'The Butterslide' during my years)

7. Evening Baseball Game
Florida State has a beautiful baseball stadium. Florida State has incredible baseball fans and an always competitive team. Even though all of these ingredients are enough to bring out most students, I needed just one more; a cool evening. It doesn't matter who FSU is playing, going to a evening baseball game is one of the best experiences FSU has to offer.
(I know it doesn't look like it, but this picture is in the evening)

6. Tour the Campus...All the Campus
Florida State University is a large campus with a lot to do and see. It's very easy to just find yourself in one area of the campus and in only a couple of buildings. If you get the chance, I recommend a full campus tour. Walk into the different buildings and many of them will have some pretty cool stuff you would have never expected to see. Don't just stick to the main campus either, take some time to check out the Engineering School and the Magnet Laboratory (especially during their Open House).
(Me near the world's largest hybrid magnet system)

5. Duke vs. FSU Basketball Game
Going to a basketball game is a fun experience, but going to the Duke game is a different experience altogether. Don't miss it.

4. Fine Arts Performances
FSU has a buffet of fine arts performances (most of them free) to choose from; symphonies, orchestra's, recitals, the theater, acapella singing groups, and more. In fact, one of the best 'live' performances I've ever witnessed was Tim Norton's singing recital. It was epic and I'll always remember it. Most importantly, it opened my eyes to a whole world of music that I had not really been aware of before. Seek out the many opportunities available on the campus, it's one of the best things you'll ever do.

3. Intramural Sports
Some of the most fun I ever had at FSU was playing intramural sports. I played basketball, softball, and flag football. In fact, one of my favorite moments of my LIFE came in a playoff flag football game I call 'The Rain Game'. The excellent teamwork (leading to a blowout), my individual effort, and the enjoyment of sloshing around in the rain, proved to be a potent combination leading to intense amounts of joy. I think it was so enjoyable that a little part of me thinks I may never again have that much fun playing flag football. It has turned out to be true so far.
(One of our legendary softball teams)

2. FSU Football Game w/Gameday
This one kind of explains itself. I don't remember being more hyped for a game than when FSU played Notre Dame in 2002 and we were both undefeated. College Gameday was setup in the stadium and Doak Campbell was packed and rowdy. Going to a FSU football game is a great experience, but if College Gameday shows up then it becomes a must experience.

1. Campus Ministry
The best thing anyone can do at FSU is involve themselves in a campus ministry. I was blessed to find Chi Alpha  the first week I arrived on campus, and even more blessed to give my life to Christ that same week. It was in Chi Alpha that I began living a life for Christ, but it's also where I gained a family of people who were also living their life for Christ. Every single activity I mentioned above would be interesting if experienced alone, but sharing them with my Chi Alpha friends has made them into experiences I'll remember the rest of my life.
(The day I arrived at Osceola Hall - Freshman Year AUG01)

(The first bible study I attended - Freshman Year AUG01)