The Beatles Top 100 Songs: 80-71

80. "Your Mother Should Know" Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
It's really not a good song at all though I do have to admit to liking it for some strange reason. Had I a chance to re-order this listing then it would certainly fall down a bit, but oh well, it's here and I don't mind the song, even if it's a bit of a trifle.

79. "The Magical Mystery Tour" Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
Though it's essentially an excuse to create a song about experiencing drugs, it's veiled enough to listen to the song without taking it as such. I struggled with where to put it on the list, but it's such a fun song with a great drum track that I couldn't put it any worse than this placing.

78. "Across the Universe" Let It Be (1969)
This song is a long way from Lennon's shredding vocals on "Twist and Shout" is it not? I like this song musically, but I do find it a bit of a drag. I have to be in the right mood for this song.

77. "Dear Prudence" The White Album (1968)
The writing of the song has a pretty interesting story behind it (as do many of these songs). This is one of the first songs of the Beatles that I can remember liking, that wasn't one of their easily likable pop hits. I didn't know then what the song was about, but I liked how the song continued to build with the drums and that guitar plucking. As a kid, The White Album was my first introduction to the mature work of The Beatles and this was one of the first songs that grew on me.

76. "I Me Mine" Let It Be (1969)
George Harrison's ode to a Hindu revelation is just kind of a nice song to jam and listen too. It's not that complicated for me, I just enjoy listening to it. 

75. "Here, There, Everywhere" Revolver (1966)
This might be the first MAJOR Beatles song on the list and it barely JUST makes it into the Top 75. It's a nice enough song, but of all their loved ballads, I find this to be overrated. Nice lyrics, but the delivery makes me kinda sleepy. 

74. "Happiness is a Warm Gun" The White Album (1968)
Another Lennon song that illustrates my essential tension of lyrical imbecility alongside musical accomplishment. The sheer greatness of the different musical pieces in this song here win out over the meaningless (to those outside Lennon's mind) lyrics. I like that this song begins to approximate how the final half of the Abbey Road album would come together, kind of like a previous of what was to come.

73. "Do You Want to Know a Secret" Please Please Me (1963)
A rare early Harrison lead song is a cute and fun early song from The Beatles. In fact, I don't remember hearing this song until playing it on Beatles Rock Band, where I began to enjoy it. 

72. "And I Love Her" A Hard Day's Night (1964)
I find this ballad to be much superior to "Here, There, Everywhere" and I find the guitar here much more dynamic. In fact, the whole song has a different feel and sound to it than the rest of their work; a testament to the diversity of their work.

71. "I Will" The White Album (1968)
I think this is one of The White Album's most overlooked songs, as one of the more underrated Beatles' ballads. Nice lyrics and a quiet, but very pleasant accompaniment make for a song that shouldn't be looked past.

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