The Beatles Top 100 Songs: 100-91

100. "Love You To" Revolver (1966)
I know that having this song at number 100 won't increase my cache amongst the Beatles purists out there, but this is about as much of the psychedelic Beatles as I can get (I'll wait to the purists finishing gasping). This was an early use of the sitar for the Beatles and it's about as much as I can stomach. The reason it makes the list is that I actually do like the chorus of this song, especially the drums in it.

99. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
It's popular, but it isn't really my cup of tea. Like "Love You To", this psychedelic tune just doesn't do much for me outside of the well done chorus.

98. "Birthday" The White Album (1968)
First, let me get something out of the way. I know the official name isn't The White Album, okay? We all call it that so that's what I'm going to call it. Yeesh, good to get that off the chest. In regards to the song, it's good right? It's catchy and rocking. Apparently it was written and recorded all in one night. Incredible.

97. "Got to Get You Into My Life" Revolver (1966)
I love about seventy percent of this song, and if it was up to that seventy percent, this might be an easy top 50 song. However, I really can't stand how Paul chose to go harder in the chorus. I find it completely dissonant and unpleasant. Otherwise, this is a pretty lovely song.

96. "If I Needed Someone" Rubber Soul (1965)
Here is a song that epitomizes a genre that many of the songs on this list find themselves in; an excellently written song that is pleasant to listen to, catchy, and very singable. Nothing to criticize here, but just enjoy.

95. "Oh! Darling" Abbey Road (1969)
It's a late Beatles work that has the basic sound of an earlier slow ballad but eventually gets a harder edge in the chorus. It's a nice song and it's obvious that Paul is really pushing his voice to get that gravelly in the chorus, yet it's a bit to redundant for me to rank any higher.

94. "All You Need Is Love" Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
One of the more overrated Beatles songs that I can think of. A lovely message and a catchy tune, but it's too simple and too repetitive to be any better on this list. Still, it's nice and it really represents a band trying to write what they believed and share it with the world.

93. "You Won't See Me" Rubber Soul (1965)
I feel like someone could learn this on a guitar and almost any generation would be able to enjoy it. While not perhaps becoming a hit today, it would be hard to see someone of any age not liking this song. Like "If I Needed Someone" it's not fluff, but it's that perfect blend of lyrics, pleasant listening, and sing-song ability.

92. "Martha My Dear" The White Album (1968)
One of the seeemingly endless amount of songs that can get passed over on The White Album, but it would be a mistake too. What starts out as a simple little song, picks up in the chorus and becomes a toe tapper by the end as the claps and horns come in. 

91. "Fixing a Hole" Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
The second song from the venerated Pepper album is seems like a trifle, but it's actually very musically interesting to me. It flirts with some psychedelic possibilities, but thankfully & ultimately goes back and forth from sing along to rock, with some nice electric guitar moments.

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