Clueless (1995) Review

Overall Grade: B+

Caught a recent showing of Clueless on Bravo! the other night and I thought I would at least include a little mini-review here on the website. I remember watching this film way back when it came out (with a sister, it was impossible not to have watched this film), and I liked it then, but man o man did I miss 75% of the jokes or what? It may be slightly forgotten now, but this is actually quite a breezy and fun film.

Its two strongest features are the script and the acting. The script is whip-crack smart, and the one-liners, ironic quotes, and witty catchphrases just come fast and furious. The humor here suprisingly works on several levels, and its very refreshing that a movie like this can include such rewarding and layered jokes. Top that with a fun to follow story, and it really is a great watch.

Alicia Silverstone was absolutely made for this role. Although not really the best actress (see nearly all of her film catalogue), fitted with this character, Silverstone absolutely shines. Who would've guessed just two years later she would be already irrelevant in Batman & Robin (although to be fair, Batman & Robin made Batman irrelevant as well). Great supporting characters surround Silverstone to round out a standout cast.

Much like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (although this is more layered and intelligent), Clueless does a really good job of capturing a moment in history, and not only sending up the fashion obsessed beverly hills culture, but also humanizing the characters.


  1. I don't know if you know this, but "humanizing the characters" could actually be attributed to none other than the beloved Brit Jane Austen!! I never knew it until my Jane Austen class, but this movie is actually based on her book (nearly ver batum, except in a completley different time period, of course) Emma.


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