Music Guide

Reader beware: These are highly subjective lists made by an amateur (one might say a part-timer!). These lists make no attempt to be any kind of statement on what's the "best" or most "influential" - I'll leave that to Rolling Stone and the Grammy's even though they are wrong. Here's a fewthings you need to know about my qualifications for making music lists:
  • I'm no music expert.
  • I don't have any particularly great taste in music.
  • I'm not ashamed to tell you that most of the musical terms I've learned I picked up through shows like American Idol or my smart music major college roommates
  • I'm not into the indie music scene and very few of the artists/bands on my list will be "underground" choices.
Let's not let any of that spoil another list making endeavor shall we? Below you'll find links to various music lists I've created here and there.