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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thoughts on Taking a Test at South Florida State College

Hey part-time readers, I made the 2-hour drive down to Avon Park in order to take a required subject area exam at South Florida State College. Passing the exam allows me to teach social sciences for grades 6-12 in the state of Florida. I made a short video sharing my thoughts on the test and the campus of South Florida State College. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Keep scrolling down to see some more pictures of my drive and the campus of Florida State College.

The drive down to South Florida State College took me right down the middle of some orange groves
Pulling onto campus
The first building I happened upon was the Student Services Building where the testing center was
Time for the test!
I passed!
After the test I decided to take a little tour of campus
The university's fine arts school
Some of the architecture and landscaping has a 70's futuristic feel to it
There were lots of blooming flowers on display
Looks like a location Star Trek would use for a generic green space on a sophisticated alien planet
This is a great area to relax and read
A sign nearby said this pond was a protected alligator habitat
College campuses (big and small) are some of the best hidden gems of America. If you get the chance, visit colleges nearby and enjoy their landscaping, architecture, and beauty
Driving back home. This shot looks a lot like the default wallpaper from Windows XP!
I really enjoyed the beautiful ride back home!

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