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Monday, March 8, 2010

2 Minute Video Review: Alice in Wonderland

Overall Grade: C

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  1. I'm still mixed on the film. I definitely like it, I enjoyed it but it's not one I'm calling people up and dragging them to go see it. I think I enjoyed it mostly for enjoyment purposes. I enjoyed the Tim Burtonness of it. Since I haven't overdosed on Burton yet, I still enjoy his stuff but it was definitely very similar to his past works. Even the score, as soon as it started, I thought "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Thankfully I like that movie so I didn't mind, got me excited even. I basically agree with what you said, it just doesn't bother me. The enjoyment (basically, the 'not being bored' as you say) outweighed any frustration at the movie not doing a lot. Plus it was absolutely gorgeous, I loved looking at the world that was created. Anne Hathaway was definitely awful for whatever reason. Johnny Depp was, well, Tim Burton's Johnny Depp. Helena Bonham Carter was easily my favorite of the actors as well. Although it was nice hearing Alan Rickman's voice from time to time.