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Friday, January 9, 2009

Updated 2008 Movie Sidebar

Just a quick post to let anyone who cares know. I was holding out thinking I would do a review for each one of these, but time has just gotten past me. I've updated the 2008 Movie Grade Sidebar to reflect every movie I've seen in 2008 so far, the total number now sits at 82. So for those of you who wondering what my grade for Mamma Mia! was, well now you know. I put about 15 or so new grades up there, and by the end of January it should top out around 90-95 films. After those films are finished, my 2008 Leaman Awards will be posted not too shortly after. Sorry its taken so long, but afterall, I am just a "Part-time" Critic.

p.s. I figured it was overdue, so I added a blogroll along with a blog followers gadget. I guess I should get over-time for all this


  1. I think you made a typo and added one 'B' too many for your 'Mamma Mia' grade. Wasn't it suppose to be just a "-"?

  2. You just didn't read it right. Its my version of ghetto talk, "It B -". I should start another blog, and it will be exactly the same as this version, except translated into ghetto. It will be the "Just do this for a front- critic"