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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Up to 93. Any Suggestions?

While I am still awaiting a few movies from 2008 to arrive in Tallahasse cinema's (Revolutionary Road, Frost/Nixon, and The Wrestler ), I'm using a "4 at a time" Netflix account to catch up on all the other 2008 titles that I had an interest in, but never got around to seeing. I've updated the sidebar with some more ratings, and I think that it offers a pretty darn comprehensive list of ratings for 2008.

Any suggestions for films you saw in 2008 that I haven't seen yet?

21 (B-): Its a overall enjoyable movie with a nice little ending. It isn't too deep, nor does it explore it's great premise to the fullest extent, but its a good night at the movies, pretty harmless stuff.

27 Dresses (C-): Katherine Heigl's amiable performance makes the film watchable, but the formulas and cliche's are inescapably boring.

American Teen (C): Although its entertaining to watch this documentary on a Senior Year in high school, this film does little to give insight into its four main subjects beyond the typical stereotypes.

Doomsday (B-): A throwback film to those 80s apocolyptic films like The Road Warrior, this is an uneven action film, but contains some great direction and a couple standout action sequences.

The Fist Foot Way (C-): Danni McBride's full length feature is an indulgent and vulgar comedy.

Gran Torino (B): A solid film from Clint Eastwood, but a small work.

Death Race (B-): Mindless action film that succeeds because it gets the racing scenes right.

The Ruins (C): An overrated horror film that gets a couple things right, but not much else.


  1. This one's not from 2008, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on "The King of Kong". I loved it, but maybe I'm geek-biased.

  2. I am SOOOOO glad that you enjoyed 'Doomsday' and 'Death Race.' I give them both B- as well. Awesome!!

  3. I strongly recommend you Netflix 'The Signal.'

    Also, I plan on seeing 'Waltz with Bashir' this weekend. Based on what I've heard, you should try to check it out whenever it comes to Tallahassee.