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Thursday, September 11, 2008

1500: What Should It Be?

Several years ago, I began to keep a running database of all the films that I have seen. I scoured the databases at IMDB, Boxofficemojo, and rottentomatoes, looking to add to my database any film that I have seen in my lifetime. In December of 2005, I went to see King Kong in the theatres, and it marked film number 1000 of all-time. Its been a little under three years since then and I am fast approaching on film number 1500 of all-time. My tally currently sits at 1498, and I am beginning to wonder what film I should make number 1500.
I want to make it a memorable film, since its a big number, but I'm not sure what film I should bestow this great honor upon. Should it be a theatre film? I thought about Burn After Reading since the Coens took my Best Picture honors last year with No Country For Old Men, but the reviews are rather poor and this one is looking more like Ladykillers than No Country. I'm not willing to wait until October to make Body of Lies my big 1500, although that seems to be the next biggest theatre film I would want to see. If I won't wait for Lies than that puts Saw V and High School Musical 3 out of the picture (Sorry Julie).
Maybe a classic film that I have missed? The classics that I have put on my "maybe" list are, Brining Up Baby, It happened One Night, The Night of the Hunter, and The Lost Weekend. I want to see all of those, but none of them really get me excited. Then, all of a sudden, a particular film darted into my brain. Its a film that I have been wanting to see for some time, and its a film in a genre that I would call a guilty pleasure for me. So what film is it? 1994's Fist of Legend.
For some time now, I have been wanting to bolster my Martial Arts credentials, and this is the top film on my list to do it. I've already seen a couple of the fight scenes on Youtube, and they are flat out awesome. Right now, its going to be my 1500. THAT IS, unless you can suggest a better one! I am planning on throwing a 1500 party here in the next couple days, and I think this might be a great group movie to watch (considering all the action badness on display). So if you can think of a better group movie that should be my number 1500, then let me know. Till then, your cordially invited to watch Fist of Legend with me very, very soon!


  1. That sounds like a great movie, although you might also want to consider The Sandlot II, or The Lion King 1.5. Count the McMillans in if you make this a co-ed public viewing. :)

  2. if i remember correctly, i think kyle actually saw 'the lion king 1.5' back when it came on dvd. hmmm, my suggestion... a classic brando, perhaps?

  3. come on now. Why can't you wait for HSM3? You know it would totally be worth it.

  4. on that note, what about HSM 2? I don't think you ever saw it all the way through soooo technically speaking you shouldn't have counted it as one of your 1499 or anything. I still have it on my dvr or I would even volunteer to go out and buy it for such an occasion.

  5. P.S. I also think you would have a better turn out for your party if you chose something with a mass appeal (such as the HSM movies). I'm just sayin

  6. i think you would have a better turn out with a Jet Li movie. And I'm just saying (booya Julie and you're High School Musical spamming!) :P

  7. Hmm, I'm a new reader of your's (and kudos for a great blog, I'm definitely subscribing as a follower!), so I am not vewry familiar with the movies you have or haven't seen, but a movie that comes to mind that not a lot of people have seen is "Being Julia", and it's absolutely amazing!

  8. Several thoughts...

    1. For Julie: HSM & HSM2 were both TELEVISION movies. So, do they REALLY count in the 1499?

    2. "Burn After Reading" was better than "Ladykillers" but not nearly as classic as "Lebowski," "Fargo," or any of their other comedy/thriller hybrids. It would not be worth making the 1500th film, because you would've hyped it up and been disappointed. Wise move, my friend.

    3. "Bringing Up Baby" is BORING. "It Happened One Night" is PHENOMENAL. Those are just personal thoughts.

    4. All that being said, going with "Fists of Legend" is a great 1500th film. You know it's lowbrow, so there won't be too much expectation.

  9. Oh, and since today is the 23rd, and you posted this on the 11th, I'm assuming the screening has already happened. Hope it was a blast!

  10. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the comments. The screening has happened already and it did turn out to be Fist of Legend.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!