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Wheaton College

This page is a collection of posts I made about my Wheaton College experience.
Explore below by reading the titles of the posts and clicking the links that follow

  • "Wheaton Here I Come" (3/28/2012) LINK
  • "The 14 Lessons I Didn't Learn Through Lecture" (12/29/2013) LINK
  • "My Top Ten Wheaton College Pics - Part 1" (1/28/2014) LINK
  • "My Top Ten Wheaton College Pics - Part 2" (1/29/2014) LINK
  • "A Rare Learning Lesson" (9/30/2013) LINK
  • "Top Five Best Deep Dish Pizzas in Chicago" (1/26/2014) LINK
  • "The Long and Winding Road to Grad Chapel" (9/4/2013) LINK
  • "The Spirit Descends on the Grad School Picnic" (8/30/2013) LINK
  • "My Easter Morning Thought Process" (3/31/2013) LINK
  • "The Belushi Manburger" (8/30/2013) LINK
  • "The Danger of Lower Power Distance" (10/5/2013) LINK

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