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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Spirit Descends on the Graduate School Picnic

The Wheaton College Graduate School hosts a picnic the first week of every new fall semester and this year was no different. The picnic is a good chance to meet the incoming grad students as well as the biblical exegesis students who immediately after the picnic spend the rest of the semester plopped down at the library behind a stack of books. It's also a good time to mingle with world class professors without having to schedule as part of their office hours!

     About halfway through this years picnic dark clouds began to roll in and the some very stiff winds descended upon the picnic. I wonder how many of the Exegesis and Old Testament Theology students immediately thought of Mt. Sinai or Mt. Carmel? Of course, I was not immune to joking about the Holy Spirit descending upon the picnic. You can tell who the reformed students are in the video, they are the ones running away from the rushing wind of the Spirit! Makes one want to sing "Rushing Wind" by Keith Green!

You can see the line of clouds rolling in

I took this right before I jumped into the car and headed out. I made it home right before the rains really came down

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