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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jackie Chan's Top 100 Action Scenes: 80-71

80 - 71

80. Casino Finale: Bomb in the Mouth is worth Two in the Hand
Rush Hour 2 (2001)
Category: Fight - Multiple People

Perhaps an odd choice to put this far down, but I find something so clever about Chan's idea to put the bomb in his mouth and have his hands and mouth taped; he's able to use it for a couple funny gags when someone tries to set it off. Besides just standard good work, there is an absolutely amazing stunt where Jackie fits through the opening on a banker's cage. Just incredible.

79. A Sword Fight for Answers
The Myth (2005)
Category: Weapons Fight

This is a interesting take on the sword fight, where a modern day sword fight mirrors a historical fight and allows Jackie to remember something about his past. It's a technically sound sword fight, but the back and forth between past and present gives it an added edge (no pun intended).

78. Karaoke Bar Fight
Twin Dragons (1992)
Category: Fight - Prop Fight

This is gonna be a genre of fight that shows up a lot on this list, Jackie Chan vs. multiple foes while Chan using various props and items in the room to creatively defeat them. Not the best in the genre, but there is some good give and take, as well as fun use of a microphone. All around good fight scene.

77. Motorcycle Chase in Paris
Rush Hour 3 (2007)
Category: Car Chase

A rare gem to come out of Rush Hour 3 and it's technically an enjoyable little car chase sequence. It's tough to shoot like this in Paris, but to pull off a few stunts like they did, throw in some hybrid fighting, and you have a darn good action sequence.

76. Getting Maggie Back: Fight in the Loft
Police Story (1985)
Category: Fight - Multiple People

This is vintage 80's Chan. Police Story was about making a statement and this scene does it. Every punch and kick results in a dangerous and wince-inducing stunt that wouldn't be matched until Tony Jaa began throwing around his stunt team as well. This scene would rank higher on the list, but its just too short. High intensity, but just too little length.

75. Chasing After the Baby Carriage
Rob-B-Hood (2006)
Category: Car Chase

Forget the stupid title, this is vintage Jackie Chan stunt work mixed with his brand of humor. I'm sure it was ultimately safe, but I don't know how the final close call accidents weren't extremely dangerous for Chan. Another example of stunts Chan pulls off that Hollywood still hasn't been able to match.

74. Fan Fight Against Brother Bill
The Young Master (1980)
Category: Weapons Fight

You've all heard about Snake in Eagles Shadow and Drunken Master, but not many have probably heard about one of Chan's most underrated and forgotten films The Young Master. This film shows off just how intricate and meticulous Chan was at an early stage even without the likes of Yuen Woo-Ping. How long and how many takes do you think it took Chan to master some of those fan tosses?

73. Sword Fight with Rathbone
Shanghai Knights (2003)
Category: Weapons Fight
(The sword fight begins around 5 minute mark)

An extremely impressive sword fight that resists the need to become a 'Hong Kong' style sword fight. It's refreshing to see Chan keep this one more European style, and in essence, not even come out on top. However, Chan cleverly brings the scene to a conclusion.

72. Japanese Horror House Havoc
My Lucky Stars (1985)
Category: Weapons Fight

This isn't the most traditional 'Jackie' sequence and it comes from a film that barely features him at all. It looks like a typical gun and sword sequence (not typical for Hollywood), but turns into a visual treat when the different horror house rooms provide some really clever visual gags. Very inventive and not something you'd see in the filmography of just any action star.

71. Seaboat Fight
Gorgeous (1999)
Category: Fight - Multiple People

This isn't the most epic one vs. many fight Jackie has had, nor is the most technical, it's just fun to watch for me. Hard to explain, but this one has a bit of a looney tunes feel for me, with recurring gags and a kind of in one door and out of the another feel as well. To compare this fight with the more visceral gun and sword fight of the previous one is to begin to get a glimpse of the diversity that is still to come.

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