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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jackie Chan's Top 100 Action Scenes: 40-31


40. Sword, Pipe, and Skirt Fight
The Young Master (1980)
Category: Prop Fight - Multiple People

I've always found this sequence of fights to have a very natural flow to it without feeling like it was an efficiently edited scene like in Jackie's later years. Here you see what I believe to be the first use of the comedy gag that Chan finds an artifact or prop very useful to his enemy and uses it to fight against him. Lots of great comic moments here, and the final fight between Chan and the woman is quite interesting in how she uses her skirt. In a scene later on this list, Chan will actually pick up that skirt trick and use it himself.

39. Chan vs. Bradley Part 2
Gorgeous (1999)
Category: Fight - 1 on 1

This is the follow-up match to one that occurred earlier in the film Gorgeous. It's a great one on one that features some incredible speed and a real kickboxing vibe to it. It really is a great match, but it's held back a little bit here by Chan's desire to throw a little humor into it. The fight for the most part is about realism, quickness and the upper hand, but there are a few moments that just strike me as too cheesy to give this one a higher placement on my list.

38. Rollerskate Interstate Chase
Winners and Sinners (1983)
Category: Chase

I've mentioned before that there are sequences that just set Jackie Chan apart from any other action star in the world, this is a prime example. The sequence starts out with some pretty impressive stunt work on skates by Jackie and escalates to see him skating between cars and under semi-trucks! This is real dare devil work that isn't paralleled by anyone I can think of. Could you imagine Stallone, Van Damme or Seagal doing anything like this? The whole thing is topped off by a fantastic car pile up. A great sequence.

37. Wooden Shoe Chase in Rotterdam
Who Am I? (1998)
Category: Chase

We are really getting into some of my favorites now. It's not his best chase sequence or fight sequence, but four things work and work really well in this scene. First, the whole play on Jackie losing his shoes, getting his feet hurt, and hurting other's feet serves as a fun gag that binds the whole sequence. Second, the setting really shows off the great architecture and variety in the city. Third, the use of the wooden shoes to me is genius. It's brutal, funny, and ties into the running theme. Fourth, the final stunt where Jackie slides past a street with trucks blaring by has got to be one of his greatest and most dangerous stunts of all-time or a visual trick. Either way, it always catches me off guard and by surprise.

36. Thugs Attack the Car and are Dispersed
Police Story (1985)
Category: Fight - Multiple People

Again, this is the first 'fight scene' from Jackie's redefining Police Story. The focus in these fights wasn't so much on being a stunt-fest, intricate fight fest, or a comedy showcase, but a shortened version that included all those features. The fight would be quick, brutal, and effective. It's a short scene, but there is more packed into it pound for pound than other sequences. Enjoy.

35. Shark Tank Scuba Fight
Police Story IV: First Strike (1997)
Category: Fight - Prop Fight

Here is an easy fight to overlook because it's no slugfest, but to overlook this fight would be to overlook Jackie's uniqueness. If you thought it would be impossible to have an underwater fight, think again, because Jackie milks this scene for all that its worth. Throwing in some great gags with sharks, blood from cuts, and air tanks, just makes this an even better all-around fight scene. Add this with the skate sequence above and has anyone ever had two more diverse action sequences in their career?

34. An Old Man Stops Two Robbers
The Young Master (1980)
Category: Fight - Multiple People

The final and best fight sequence from The Young Master. It's a great all-around fight that Jackie chooses to show off about every skill he has. It also includes the use of the skirt trick from the 'Sword, Pipe, and Skirt' sequence mentioned above. Overlooked and under appreciated, this scene is a great representative of how early Jackie was distinguishing his brand of action apart from any drunken styles.

33. Three Way Fight in Lo Sam Pao's Lair
Project A (1983)
Category: Fight - Weapons Fight - Multiple People

It's always great to see the 'three brothers' (Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao) get together for a fight sequence. It starts out as a pretty good scene where each individual gets some great moments and develops into a full three on one against Dick Wei (a regular bad guy in these films). Great team work and fighting set this one apart.

32. Drunken Master vs. Thunderleg
Drunken Master (1978)
Category: Fight - One on One

Although I prefer The Young Master to Drunken Master when it comes to older Chan films, there is no doubt that the finale fight in Drunken Master is leagues ahead of The Young Master's finale. This is one of Chan's all-time great one on one fights. It's long, brutal, and showcases what would become probably his most famous style, drunken boxing. Outside of the sequel to Drunken Master, this is his best sequence of drunken boxing.

31. Construction Site Shootout and Fight with Dick Wei
Heart of Dragon (1985 )
Category: Fight - Multiple People

Heart of Dragon teamed Chan up with Sammo Hung in an attempt at a real drama. Although the movie is a failure, their attempt at a more serious tone did produce this gem of a finale. The violence level is definitely upped from Jackie's normal limits, and the fight style is a little more brutal and street fight esque. Dick Wei re-appears here for an even better fight than the one in Project A.

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