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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar 2010 Recap

I posted them a little late, but perhaps you were able to glean from my Oscar predictions. There's always a few wild cards out there (the short category awards and sound awards are notoriously difficult to guess), but my predictions came out extremely well this year at 20/24. This should've been good enough to win your Oscar pools, and if it wasn't, then you've got a true Oscar nut in your pool, never enter again. In case you missed my predictions, here they are again

The categories I missed out on:

-Best Documentary Short
-Best Live Action Short
-Best Sound Editing
-Best Adapted Screenplay (Precious beat Up in the Air in one of the few upsets of the night)

In case your not on Facebook or don't follow me on Twitter, here is a re-cap of my tweets from the night.

"Thought the opening was a conplete waste of time on the Oscars. Martin and Baldwin are about 50/50 hit and miss"

"Baldwin and Martin are tripping on some basic stand up essentials like decent transitions"
"I love that the Oscars are playing nearly thirty second clips of all the acting categories. Lovin it"
"Why have two Oscar hosts if Neil Patrick Harris gets the big opening?"

"The Oscars are settling in and the two host system seems even less needed. Very slow pace to the show."
"Nearly one hour in and only four awards!"
"What a cliff hanger! I wondrr who will take the visual effects Oscar?"
"Wow. That short doc award was just all kinds of wierd and awkward"
"Didnt see that Precious win for writing. Apparently neither did the writer"
"Dont turn off the Oscars...theres a Horror film tribute coming up!!! Call your friends!"
"That paranormal activity parody was great. Glimpse of what the opening couldve been"

"One wonders if James Cameron is making all his Oscar winning co workers call him a genius or some variation in speeches"
"Is Jennifer Lopez wearing bubble wrap?"
"Now that was some CLASSY dancing!!" (During the Original Score Breakdancing Moment)

"Wow. Is anyone else depressed after seeing those documentary clips?"
"Are these introductory speeches for the best acting categories not the most narcissistic moments of a narcissistic event"
"15 minutes for Best Actor?! Please just end it"

"Wow. You think Hanks was trying to hurry through that?"
"Maybe my least favorite Oscars since I started really watching in 2004"

Final Thoughts:

If you follow me at all then you know that I considered 2009 to be a sub-par year for film and while there are some bright spots in the nominees for me (Inglorious Basterds & An Education), I found the 10 Best Picture nominees to be unusually mediocre and average. I'm not an Avatar guy or a Hurt Locker guy (heck none of my top five was even nominated), so it was already an awards show without any real rooting interest.

I've been following the Oscars in earnest since 2004, and this has to be my least favorite show since then. While Martin and Baldwin had some good moments (the Paranormal Activity and snuggie moments were very good), they were also awkward and just plain unfunny at times. The show struggled to get started, probably since they actually had three different starts to the show (the actors all standing together, the Neil Patrick Harris routine and the hosts themselves), and it just seemed to be sluggish. It lacked the presentation and unified theme of last years Oscars, and really lacked the edge that hosts like Stewart or Rock brought to the show.

For an already narcissistic show, I just found this one to be especially self-congratulatory (the three minute love notes to the best actor and actress nominees didn't help). Add on top of that the generally obnoxious storylines of the evening, "Will the Ex-Wife or the White Husband get the Oscar?" "Will this be the first female or the first black director to win?", and I just didn't care for much of what was going on. For a better take on those storylines check out this article.

As always though, it's fun to watch and to guess for the most part. It's even better when you get to do that with a group of friends, which I did. The pictures below are from our own Oscar party. Enjoy. Feel free to comment.

(Peter stands next to our Projected Oscar telecast!)

(The telecast and our Official Oscar Leaderboard)

(Peter updating the leaderboard throughout the night)

(Erica and Gary scurrying to finish their ballots before the start of the show)

(Per tradition we assign a food item to each Best Picture nominee. This year, given the ten nominees, our food amounts grew considerably)

(Blue Kool-Aid, because people be drinkin' it on this film!)

(Because they owned a Taco Bell franchise)

(The aliens in the film were called prawns, or something close to it, and shrimps are a bit like prawns. Okay, its a stretch, we know.)

(Apples go with Education right?)

(The soldiers drank CapriSuns)

(You just have to have it with milk)

(GUTHRIES!!! And we didn't steal it)

(Jewish cookies)

(Russell feeds Kevin the chocolate)

(Cause they give peanuts on airplanes)

(The Final Board and Standings)

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