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Thursday, January 21, 2010

2009 Leaman Awards: Supplementary Awards

-Top Ten Tag Lines-

10. "There's one inside all of us" –Where the Wild Things Are
9. "Here comes the bribe" –The Proposal
8. "Holmes for the Holidays" –Sherlock Holmes
7. "Safety Never Takes a Holiday" –Paul Blart: Mall Cop
6. "Christine Brown has a good job, a great boyfriend, and a bright future. But in three days, she's going to hell" –Drag Me To Hell
5. "Divorced...with benefits" –It's Complicated
4. "New model. Original parts" –Fast & Furious
3. "Once Upon a Time in Nazi occupied France..." –Inglorious Basterds
2. "Is Your Money making a Killing?" –The International
1. "Based on a tattle-tale" –The Informant!

-Bottom Five Tag Lines-
5. "Some fight for power. Some fight for us" –Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
4. "He was a prisoner who became a president. To unite his country, he asked one man to do the impossible" –Invictus
3. “Outwit. Outspy. Outsmart. Outplay. Then get out” –Duplicity
2. "Sometimes we leave everything to find ourselves" –Two Lovers
1. "This Easter the legend comes to life" –Dragonball: Evolution

-Top Fifteen Drama Scenes-
15. "Bathtub Showroom moment between two sisters" –Away We Go
14. "Carousel of Death spins and one decides who dies" –Saw VI
13. "Hans Landa slowly gets a confession from a farmer hiding Jews" –Inglorious Basterds
12. “Plane Crash and Its’ Aftermath in One Take” –Knowing
11. "Judit reveals to Matteo her involvement in the destruction of his film" –Broken Embraces
10. "Getting the truth in a motel room" –State of Play
9. "Kirk is Born as the U.S.S Kelvin is Destroyed" –Star Trek
8. "A visit to Mandela's old Prison" –Invictus
7. "Disarming a bomb at the UN " –The Hurt Locker
6. "Carl and Ellie Marriage and Passing Montage" –Up
5. "Harry coaxes the truth about Tom Riddle from Professor Slughorn" –Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
- My vote for best sequence in the entire Harry Potter series.

4. "The truth comes out in a sit down with Mom, Precious and a Counselor" -Precious
- Powerful and insightful, without becoming melodramatic.

3. “Oh the Times They are Changing: Opening Title Sequence” – Watchmen
- The most creative montage of the year (sorry Up fans), is the best sequence in the entire film (and it's right at the beginning).

2 ."An undercover Mission is discovered by an SS Officer in a Basement and Ends in a Firefight" –Inglorious Basterds
- Quentin Tarantino's trademark 'talky' style is put to use here to create one of the most suspenseful sequences in cinema. The tension ratchets up slowly and ends with quite a bang, one of Tarantino's finest sequences.

1. "Jake Climbs Iknimaya, tames his own Ikran and learns how to fly" –Avatar
- All the positives of the film contained in one sequence that truly shows the integration of all the boundary pushing technologies with a well written (and directed) dramatic beat. It's suspenseful, visceral, awe-inspiring and the best dramatic sequence of 2009.

-Top Fifteen Action Scenes-

15. "Master Ip defeats the Out of Towners and Restores Honor to Fo Shan" Ip Man
14. "Jaa Uses a bit of Drunken Style mixed with leg work and Rescuing Slaves" Ong Bak 2
13. "Killing the Comedian" Watchmen
12. "Kato Saws Through Teams of Ninja's and is Rescued by Saya in the Forest" Blood: The Last Vampire
11. "Three Assassins Converge on the Motorway in a Doubledecker" The Tournament
10. "Optimus Prime Rescues Sam and Fights off Three Decepticons in the Forest" Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
9. "Shootout in the Woods at Little Bohemia" Public Enemies
8. "Machines Gathering Humans leads to a Car Chase Ending on the Bridge" Terminator: Salvation
7. "Ip Man Defends the Cotton Mill and Fights Against Two Old Foes" Ip Man
6. "Final War Between the Navi and the Humans on Air and Land" Avatar
5. "Tracing the Shooter Leads to a the Guggenheim Shootout" The International
4. "Final Assault by Sea and Land on Cao Cao's Camp" Red Cliff
3. "Ip Man Takes Out Ten Japanese in One Fight" Ip Man
- An epic, but short, fight scene that features a brutal fist to fist fight sequence. There is no give and take, but the creativity and the context of the scene truly make it one of the great fight scenes.

2. "Finale at his Home Village: Weapons Fight Extravaganza" Ong Bak 2
- Tony Jaa demonstrates his ability to use nearly all variety of weapons with this stunning sequence that last nearly 20-25 minutes. Despite the use of some unorthodox weapons (he's not as adept at the three sectioned staff as he would like you to think), it's with the more tradtional weapons like the sword that is agility, creativity, and quickness truly shines.

Here is a clip from the massive finale

1. "Finale: From Rooftops, to Dojos, to the Sides of Buildings" Chocolate
- It's a grueling, long, and varied sequence that ends in a stunning fight on the side of an apartment complex. While portions of the finale feature some well choreographed fighting, it's the final all-out stunts that set this sequence apart. Not since Jackie Chan's stunt team in the 1980's has there been a team as dedicated to showing us something we've never seen before.

Here is the best sequence from the great finale

-Special Recognition-

- The following is a list of things in 2009 that barely missed a category or just deserved a category of there own. Some are good, some are bad, but they all deserved some recognition.

- Best Compilation of Work: Jim Broadbent in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Young Victoria, and Inkheart

- Eric Bana Award: (For the Best Performance in a Bad Film, as Bana gave in Troy) Michael Sheen in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

- Hairspray Award: (For the best 1st Half of a Movie Ruined by a Terrible 2nd Half, like Hairspray) Up gets lost in South America, The Informant! never seems to end, and Paranormal Activity never delivers on its excellent slow build first half.

- Gary Oldman Award: (For the most over the top performance of the year) Chris Klein in Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li

- Guilty Pleasure of the Year: Saw VI, Crank: High Voltage, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

- Special Achievement in Visual Effects: Destruction of the world in Knowing, Whisps of Gas and Smoke Turning into Memories Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, "The Shadow" in Inkheart, the visual landscapes of Avatar.

- Creative Ideas That Made Me Happy: The redemption of the Victoria's mother in The Young Victoria, Scrat and Scratess chase the Acorn while in Bubbles sequence in Ice Age 3, the character of Buck in Ice Age 3, Stealing arrows in Red Cliff, 'You Make My Dreams Come True' dance sequence in (500) Days of Summer

- Best Comedic Bit Roles: Kristen Wig and Bill Heder in Adventureland

- Best Documentary: Anvil: The Story of Anvil

- Worst CGI of the Year: Race to Witch Mountain, Ninja Assassin, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

- Most Surprising Performance: Zac Efron literally carrying 17 Again on his own.

- Worst Performances and Moments: Hank Azaria's Kahmunrah debates Stiller's Nightguard in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Christine Brown fights a Gypsy in her Car in Drag Me To Hell, Oil Rub Down on the High Priest in Year One, Ejiofor convinces the World leaders to let the gates down for the people in 2012, The ladies of the raped and murder club come out to meet and welcome Suzy Salmon from The Lovely Bones

- Worst Performance in a Good Film: Naomi Watts in The International

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