Saturday, December 12, 2009

Best of the 2000s: The 12 Days of Christmas

As the 2000's draw to a close, The Part-Time critic will embark on a 12 day journey chronicling the best and worst that the decade had to offer. It'll be my attempt to give a fairly comprehensive overview of the 2000's in film, as well as provide you with a guide to films you may have missed. I'll be unveiling a new list with each new day. Check out the schedule below, and let me know if there is something I'm missing. Feel free to follow along and add your own thoughts as well. Enjoy!
Day 12: Dec. 14
Most Overrated Films of the 2000's

Day 11: Dec. 15
Most Underrrated Films of the 2000's

Day 10: Dec. 16
Best Action Sequences of the 2000's

Day 9: Dec. 17
Best Dramatic Sequences of the 2000's

Day 8: Dec. 18
Best Guilty Pleasures of the 2000's

Day 7: Dec. 19
Best Foreign Films & Documentaries of the 2000's

Day 6: Dec. 20
Best Animated & Family Films of the 2000's

Day 5: Dec. 21
Best Action Films of the 2000's

Day 4: Dec. 22
Best Horror Films of the 2000's

Day 3: Dec. 23
Best Dramatic Films of the 2000's

Day 2: Dec. 24
Best Performances of the 2000's

Day 1: Dec. 25 100 Best Films of the 2000's


8rent said...

But the decade isn't over for another year!

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