60. The Prestige - The Part-Time Critic

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

60. The Prestige

The Prestige (2006)
Directed by Christopher Nolan

A twisty-turny (sp?) tale of dueling magicians in the late 19th century is ironic film for me. Despite its dark atmospheres, tragic twists, and cautionary tale underpinnings, The Prestige is an absolute fun time at the movies for me. I wasn't too sure about the film after my first viewing, but after repeated viewings and much thought, my enjoyment of the film has only enriched greatly.

I say it's a cautionary tale (much like Zodiac and The Descent) because it tells the tragic tale of a man consumed by his obsessions. I don't mind the fake "magic" science ending at all, and I think it actually deepens the moral of the story. It allows our characters the ability to take their obsessions to depths beyond the real realm and comments on what they could potentially be possible of. Great performances by Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Rebecca Hall really top off an already great film.

The Prestige isn't a groundbreaking film, but its one of my favorite stories and it's extremely well told. Add to that, thanks to my friend (whose name I will protect here), this was the first real movie set that I have ever stepped foot on. It was a good experience and one that connects me to the film just that little bit more.


  1. I was there for your first viewing, and I can vouch for this. We were all not entirely sure what to do with it. Was it Micah and Cori and Julie who were there, too? Couldn't agree more about the film, either: it only grows more captivating each time I see it. Outstanding supporting performances, too. Personally, I'm surprised David Bowie didn't get a supporting nod for his portrayal of Tesla.

    You'll have to explain to me somewhere else how you got on set. That's a worthy tale for the grandkids.

  2. Bowie, Michael Caine, and Andy Serkis did also have good supporting roles. I think they were all there as well. It seems to long ago.