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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome to my New Home!

After much care and thought, I've decided to call a new place home on the internet. Previously, I did all of my posting on Myspace, but I haven't even updated my myspace page in nearly a year. I enjoyed Myspace while I was on it, but I've decided that it no longer served my wishes to be one there anymore.
Myspace is defiantely more of a social networking site, and I really gradually became more interested in posting movie-related items on my site. So in order to make a clean break from the old, I decided to create a new page that would really just help me have an outlet for my love of film. Whether its current thoughts or just mini-reviews, this will be my own personal movie site. So if you found yourself at this page, then welcome. Feel free to bookmark it and I look forward to the movie discussions to come in the future.

P.S. As sort of a new arrival celebration I've decided to post a favorite clip from one of my favorite all-time films, The Return of the King. Enjoy!


  1. Looking forward to reading this one. Amazing clip, found myself getting sucked in and wanting to pop in the entire movie

  2. Thanks Julie.
    You might be the only one to read it, but I felt that this new blog site just felt a little more professional and mature than continuing to write stuff on my old Myspace site.

    Those scenes are some of my favorite in all of cinema and really are the exception to the rule that scenes lose their impact over time with repeated viewings. I think what has really suprised me the more I watch it, is the sound mixing. The mixture of ambient sound and the score is just perfect.

  3. no! You've ruined the ending! I was only three hours away... blast

  4. Don't worry, Its Return of the King. I may have ruined this ending, but the film still has like 4 endings left to go.